Controlling Information System (CIS);
return on investment in dentistry, chair revenue and commission calculation using dental software

The Controlling Information System is a set of statistics on Financial, Sales, and Cost management for practice owners, which makes it easier and more transparent to see what is happening in the practice.

Dental practice management software

There will be no more decision on gut feel. VIR promotes informed financial decisions and gets rid of unnecessary costs. This module practically wipes out the time you used to spend on calculations.

Dental practice management software

The features of the VIR module are the following:

Dental practice management software Fully automated

Self-operating, real-time, up-to-date data for calculating chair clock income, expenditure and chair clock profit

Dental practice management software Professional pricing

Helps to develop smart pricing of treatments

Dental practice management software Dividend calculation

It clearly shows loss-making treatments and loss-making doctors

Dental practice management software Sales efficiency

Automatically analyses sales effectiveness and campaign success

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The VIR calculates on the basis of the number of hours of practice, the number of chair hours is divided by the income and expenditure, because during this time the doctors generate the other costs that are generated even when no one is working in the chair, such as overheads and other hidden costs. The systematic collection and visualization of income and expenses is a great help to understand what and how the practice can cut costs or what it needs to improve in order to generate more profit.

Statistics on patients and offers are a key factor in increasing efficiency. If you know how many patients you've acquired or how many of your existing patients you've seen in the past, you can plan your practice's marketing more effectively and determine how much you should spend. And the ratio of accepted and rejected price quotes will give you an indication of how much of your revenue is generated by these treatments.

VIR is a fully automated system that calculates and visualises statistics on the practice's income and expenditure, thus profit and loss based on the chair's clock, helping you to make more informed decisions about the practice. You no longer need to keep a spreadsheet or paper trail of the number of offers issued and accepted, the revenue so generated, or the number of new patients registered and treated, as the system calculates this for you, saving you hours of work each month.

Frequently asked questions

  • The system aggregates the revenue of all invoicing companies included in Flexi. As output, we can aggregate the information that is sent to the Tax Administration (NAV) as an invoice issued to your company. It is also possible to see how many patients have been registered in the system in a given period, how many complex quotations have been issued, what the costs are and where they are allocated
  • VIR does not display foreign accounts, taxes and wages.
  • It makes the finances of the business transparent and understandable, encouraging informed financial decisions, reducing expenditure and increasing revenue
  • Increase informed decision-making in spending and cost planning
  • Enables efficient operation
  • Reduces uncertainty and emotion-based decisions in the practice's finances
  • Eliminates time spent analysing paper statements
  • Reduces costs by eliminating unnecessary elements and treatments

The chair clock shows how much revenue, cost and profit the ordering time generates in each 60-minute period.

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