Care, communication and dental marketing in one piece of software

The new communication module makes it easy to track the progress of patient communication, which patient has received which message or offer, when and to which patient.

The practice's correspondence can be fully integrated into the software, so that messages sent from Flexi are received by the patient with the practice's own email address. And all correspondence can be traced back in Flexi at any time.

Dental practice management software

The Communication and Marketing module...

Dental practice management software Automatic communication

You will always know which patient to call back for a new treatment and when

You can send emails and SMS to your patients and check their status

Dental practice management software Communication from a software package

The system recognises the patient by their email address and automatically attaches the letter to the file. Patient care and dental marketing can be managed from one place, patient diagnostics and offers can be viewed in the communication module

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Communication and marketing module

Patient communication and dental marketing tool to increase efficiency

CRM module

Do you also treat patients from abroad and organise their travel? With the CRM module, it's easier!

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In addition to patient care, communication is one of the most important elements in the excellent functioning of the practice. If patients are satisfied with the service they receive, they will certainly enhance the reputation of the practice. That is why you should strive to meet all their needs and treat patients in a way that makes them feel valued. You will not need to search the computer for information in a frenzy, wondering where to send the offer from or how to contact the patient. We provide a simple solution to this, so that you have everything you need to enhance your practice's reputation!

Now that you can find all the incoming and outgoing mail of your practice within Flexi, we would just like to point out that you can also find all the messages exchanged for each patient within the file! In the patient record, under the new Communication menu item, you can retrieve any message a patient has ever sent from the practice, whether it's an email notification, a text message, an offer or whatever.

If an IP-based phone is used in the practice and the line is fixed, it is also easy to attach the calls to the patient's record. In this way, not only the written records, agreements and requests can be retrieved later, but also everything that was said during the conversation with the patient. It is said that "words are not recorded”, but, with Flexi, they are.

Last but not least, the communication module also allows you easily to track the recipient and date of receipt of the emails, and keep track of sending messages or discussion with patients, including the contents of their discussion. This will reduce the number of misdirected or missed transmissions, so you can always keep your patients up to date.

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